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SASIB-ALFA Soft Cup Cigarette Packing Machine

The ALFA is a Soft Packer with a production speed of 500 packets per minute.

The alufoil and label wrappings are performed around an arbour, guaranteeing soft packs with squared corners plus perfect and constant product quality.

Hot-melt glue for label sealing reduces drying times and reduces the ALFA footprint.

The foil and label feeding system is equipped with a unique automatic or push-button reel switch-over for full-speed reel change requiring no joints and eliminating all waste – even a single packet.

Reel or magazine feeder for stamp application; magazine feeder is also available as optional system for labels.

The HMI is composed of an industrial PC with touch-screen display, with intuitive interfacing linked to Siemens PLC machine control.

The machine is equipped with the latest top-quality control systems.

SASIB-ALFA-Soft Cup Cigarette Packing Machine

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