ITMGROUP Cigarette Packing Machines Manufacturer

ITMGROUP-HLP-250 Hard Box Cigarette Packing Machine

The ITM HLP 250 produces up to 250 packs/min.

• (filter) cigarettes, from King Size to Super Slims
• cigarillos
• filter sticks
• combination of RYO tobacco pouch, booklet of paper, filter sticks

Packing styles:
• square corner pack
• beveled edge pack
• round corner pack
• D-shape pack
• single bundle, double bundle (symmetrical. a-symmetrical)
• and any other pack you can think of.

Other marketing tools
• coupon inserter
• print registered inner frame
• embossed inner frame
• any type of inner liner, embossed or non embossed

ITMGROUP HLP-250 Hard Box Cigarette Packing Machine

Combining the machines flexibility with ITM’s superior technical expertise provides the ideal platform for special packaging solutions.

Technical Data
Output up to 250 packs/min
Product Cigarettes/Cigarillos
Length 69 – 100 mm
Diameter 5.4 – 8.2 mm
Cigarette Collation 2 Row, 10 to 20 Cigarettes
3 Row, 16 to 25 Cigarettes
Inner Liner any type

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