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GD-W1000-BV Cigarette Wrapping Machine

W1000 BV is latest-generation overwrapping line that is a perfect addition to Hinge-Lid and Soft packers of 1000 packets per minute.

It is composed of W1000, continuous motion packet over-wrapper, and BV/BV-F that produces the overwrapped cartons, paper parcels and polypropylene wraps, as well as a wide range of packet configurations.

W1000 renders high quality products, has automated handling of wrapping materials, and is extremely flexible and quick with brand and format changes.

The BV-F version makes the line even more flexible: sealers are used both to seal the film and to reactivate the glue in the paper parcel, which greatly reduces change time back and forth between paper parcel and overwrapped carton.

GD-W1000-BV Cigarette Wrapping Machine

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