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GD-C800-BV Cigarette Wrapping Machine

C800 BV is a single-track wrapping, cartoning, parcelling and overwrapping line that is an ideal addition to X6 and X6S packers Hinge-Lid and Soft packets.

It is made up of C800, a packet wrapper and BV/BVF that creates the overwrapped cartons, paper parcels and polypropylene wraps with a wide range of packet configurations.

Most of the C800 machine groups, that are adaptable to carton/parcel size, reduce format change times remarkably.

C800 BV allows for the use of ever-changing materials while maintaining excellent final product quality.

The BV-F version’s configuration makes for fast passage back and forth from cartons to paper parcels, thanks to its flexibility.

GD-C800-BV Cigarette Wrapping Machine

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